BARC Braintree Against Retail and Business Crime

BARC is a sustainable, robust and effective crime prevention initiative, based on a proven approach, supported by the Home Office, ACPO and many business organisations and which has been successfully adopted in many other towns.

Businesses join the scheme to work together to share high quality information and gain the ability to identify persistent offenders. The BARC initiative will enable offenders to be legally excluded from all partnership members’ premises.

Business Crime

Crime and fear of crime have a negative effect on the quality and use of our town centres. That is why BARC takes action to ensure we remain competitive, safe and secure, for businesses, staff, customers and residents

Safer Business Award

The Safer Business Award is an accreditation scheme available to local business crime reduction partnerships and recognises good practice through a partnership approach.


BARC is a dedicated, formal and pro-active partnership between businesses, the Police, Braintree Council, Street Wardens, CCTV, other crime reduction schemes and other agencies and organisations.

BARC Members

Here are just some of the organisations we work with

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